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The formation of children's perception, aesthetics, thinking, understanding, performance and ability has an irreplaceable role in promoting the all-round development and harmonious development of people.



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The formation of children's perception, aesthetics, thinking, understanding, performance and ability has an irreplaceable role in promoting the all-round development and harmonious development of people.



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The formation of children's perception, aesthetics, thinking, understanding, performance and ability has an irreplaceable role in promoting the all-round development and harmonious development of people.


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Music is the language and art that spans ethnic countries, and as long as you sit and listen, it is the most beautiful landscape.

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Lee Ao's Mum's Logo
Lee Ao's Mum
-Piano Lesson (1-on-1)
Without him, Lee Ao would probably still be unknown today. I believe many parents have experienced the frustration of finding or changing piano teachers for their children. I am no exception. I've even approached so-called renowned teachers, but these so-called famous teachers are not always suitable for every child's personality. The saying "strict teachers produce outstanding students" no longer aligns with today's children. Abusive and harsh education not only extinguishes children's passion for piano but also makes them afraid of piano lessons. This is the valuable teaching philosophy I learned from Teacher Jeremy. He often reminds me that harsh punishment is the cheapest form of education. Although it may be direct and immediately effective, the consequences are often far from good and fail to instill a long-term love and joy for piano in children. Therefore, he strongly advocates for joyful learning. My son, Lee Ao, progressed from an ABRSM Grade 2 level to a Grade 5 level in just nine months. He has transformed from playing aimlessly to performing steadily and skillfully. He is now frequently winning gold medals and third places in competitions. Teacher Jeremy always humbly says that it’s not his credit, but all due to Lee Ao's hard work. However, we can all see that without you, he couldn't have performed so well. Thank you, Teacher Jeremy. We are grateful for your timely presence. Lee Ao loves you.
Xian Yang's Mum's Logo
Xian Yang's Mum
-Piano Lesson (1-on-1)
As I always feel that my son could have more solid foundation and so I got Teacher Jeremy to teach him after he passed his ABRSM Grade 2 exam. At first, Xian Yang is very resistance to have a new piano teacher, however after a few lessons he grew quite fond of Teacher Jeremy! He finds that Teacher Jeremy is nice, gentle, professional and encouraging. The lessons are tailored to suit Xian Yang's learning style and pace and he is willing to practice with separate hands now! He will also provide guidance for the songs that Xian Yang choose to learn. Under the guidance of Teacher Jeremy, I believe Xian Yang can go well and further in his piano path~
Hanyu's Logo
-Vocal Lesson (1-on-1)
After six months of studying vocal with Teacher Louis, my vocal abilities have significantly improved in areas such as breath control, pronunciation, and resonance. Teacher Louis's expertise and systematic teaching methods quickly pinpoint my weaknesses and provide effective training plans. His energetic and optimistic approach, coupled with a focus on communication, accelerates my understanding of correct vocal techniques and maintains high learning efficiency. I am sincerely grateful for Teacher Louis's dedicated teaching and guidance :)
Kyen‘s Mum's Logo
Kyen‘s Mum
-Violin Lesson (1-on-1)
Thanks to Teacher Apple's professional and attentive guidance, in just three months, my son Kyen Lew was able to play a complete piece of music independently. It is very important to choose the right music teacher to teach children to learn music. Under the careful guidance of Teacher Apple, my child quickly mastered the basic skills of playing the violin. Therefore, he progressed very quickly in his subsequent studies. Thank you Teacher Apple!
Keith's Mum's Logo
Keith's Mum
-Piano Lesson (1-on-1)
Thanks to the guidance of piano teacher Mr. Jeremy, Keith's fingering and hand shape were gradually corrected. Teacher Jeremy understands the characteristics of students, knows how to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, is good at helping students find out the reasons for their mistakes, and can provide targeted guidance.
Adelia's Mum's Logo
Adelia's Mum
-Piano Lesson (1-on-1)
Jeremy is an experienced and helpful piano teacher who puts his students' fundamentals and musical ability first. Teacher Jeremy can quickly discover the problems and difficulties in students' learning, guide students to find the best solution, and improve themselves. Under the guidance of teacher Jeremy, Adelia has laid a solid foundation in piano performance and achieved excellent piano learning results. It took her less than two months to complete the first piano lesson book, and she can play some famous piano pieces freely. Jeremy also uses some fun music learning tools to help Adelia memorize notes and other basic musical elements. Thank you very much Teacher Jeremy for the good effect.
Qi Chao’s Mum's Logo
Qi Chao’s Mum
-Violin Lesson(1 to 1)
Thank you teacher Apple for your careful teaching of Qi Chao these days. From zero foundation 2 years ago to his passion for playing the violin today, Qi Chao's progress has been very significant. Teacher Apple’s persuasive guidance has opened the door to the music palace for Qi Chao. I hope that under the guidance of Teacher Apple, Qi Chao can go further in the field of music in the future.
静薇's Mum's Logo
静薇's Mum
-Piano Lesson (1 to 1)
Because I didn’t have the opportunity to learn music when I was a child, I sent my daughter to piano lessons very early. I met Teacher Jeremy at the Conservatory of Music. At first, my daughter was very shy and shy, and she needed me to accompany her during piano lessons. However, after Teacher Jeremy’s patient guidance and interesting teaching methods, my daughter began to Once I became interested in the piano, I would take the initiative to sit on the piano and practice at home, without any supervision from me. In addition to teaching according to the general learning content, Teacher Jeremy will also teach according to the different personalities of the students. For example, my daughter is very shy and does not like to respond during class. Teacher Jeremy will use pictures and stickers to communicate with my daughter interactive. After just 9 months, my daughter was able to perform at the annual teacher-student music dinner held by the college. Such learning results made me trust Teacher Jeremy’s teaching ability.
佑翔's Mum's Logo
佑翔's Mum
-Piano Lesson (1 to 1)
After 佑翔 passed the Grade 2 piano exam, his results were not very satisfactory because he did not have a solid foundation and his gestures and methods of playing the piano were wrong. He wanted to give up for a while. I also thought that maybe my child did not have talent. Later, I met Mr. Jeremy, so I asked him to help me check my child’s ability and problems in playing the piano. Later, under Mr. Jeremy’s analysis, I learned about issues such as hand shape and finger skills. After that, he patiently helped my child adjusts while also developing his musical ability. Later, 佑翔's ability to play the piano improved rapidly, and he became more confident in himself. He even took the initiative to fight for the opportunity to play exam songs on stage in school. Thanks to Teacher Jeremy and The Piano Solution, my child has not given up on music learning, but has become more confident as he learns.
瑞泽's Mom's Logo
瑞泽's Mom
-Online Theory Course
瑞泽 has been learning music theory knowledge online at the Piano School for some time. He likes Teacher Chen's class very much. After each class, Teacher Chen will remind the children to complete their homework on time and send it to her for correction on time. Sometimes 瑞泽 there were many mistakes, and Teacher Chen patiently asked him to correct them before sending them to her for correction. Teacher Chen is a very responsible teacher.

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