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Music Theory Lesson


To proceed with practical examinations of Grade 6 and above, every candidate has to pass the Grade 5 Music Theory Examinations. From our observations, it is very common for students to be rather weak in music theory. One of the main reasons being most piano teachers do not have adequate time to cover music theory during piano lessons, while some even omit theory. As a result, by the time music students decide to take their Grade 5 Theory Exams, it is usually an extensive burden to them and their parents.

These music theory courses are specially designed to help those who are weak in music theory to take the Grade 5 Theory Exam within the shortest amount of time. They are divided into 3 stages as follows:

Stage Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Level Grade 1 to 3 Grade 4 & 5 Grade 5 Pre-Exam
Number of Lessons 14 12 18
Lesson Duration 30mins 30mins 30mins
Frequency Once a week Once a week Once a week

You can choose to take physical or online classes. For online classes, our lessons can be accessed and attended on computers, tablets, or handphones. We also provide services after lessons such as individual discussions, the marking of worksheets, and mock examinations.

Our past records affirms that a high percentage of our students, some with even zero foundation in music theory, had subsequently passed the Grade 5 Theory Exam upon attending this course. Parents have rated our Online Theory Courses to be:

  • Time Saving
  • Cost Effective &
  • Highly Efficient
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