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Vocal Lesson

Ever dreamed of becoming a singer but unsure where to start? Whether you've had a passion for singing since childhood but struggle with pitch and rhythm, or you're unsure how to improve, our vocal teachers are here to help. Regardless of age or whether you're struggling with pitch or pronunciation, our singing class promises to have you confidently stepping onto the stage in just 3 to 6 months.

Our singing class employs a systematic teaching approach, ensuring students progressively master vocal techniques. With personalized guidance from our instructors, we address your specific singing challenges, shaping you into an outstanding singer! 

We Provide
  • ABRSM Vocal Lessons (Beginner-Grade 8) 
  • Trinity College London (Music Diplomas) 
  • Vocal Leisure Courses (Classical/Pop Songs)

Our Singing/Vocal Class Include

1. Vocal Techniques: Develop a strong foundation in fundamental singing techniques, including proper posture, vocal warm-ups, and exercises to enhance vocal agility.

2. Breath Control: Learn essential breathing techniques to support singing, sustain notes, and improve overall vocal endurance. Mastery of breath control contributes to a more powerful and controlled vocal performance.

3. Pitch Accuracy: Work on achieving precise pitch accuracy through ear training exercises and vocal exercises. Develop the ability to sing in tune and control pitch fluctuations.

4. Vocal Range Expansion: Explore exercises that help expand vocal range, enabling students to reach higher and lower notes comfortably. This contributes to versatility in singing different genres.

5. Interpretation of Songs: Understand the emotional and artistic aspects of singing. Learn how to convey emotions effectively, interpret song lyrics, and connect with the audience through expressive performances.


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